Pablo Bollansée

Computer scientist, game developer


Name Pablo Bollansée
Nationality Belgian
Birthday July 18th, 1991
Contact [email protected]

Work Experience

2018-Present .NET consultant at Kapture NV.
2017-2018 Working at Delen Private Bank as backend programmer using Cobol, .NET and SQL among other Microsoft technologies.
2016-2017 Started a doctorate in Self-Adapting Computer Systems at KU Leuven and Linnaeus University. This included a selection procedure that spanned the last few months of 2016. I however quite quickly felt it wasn't for me. I didn't enjoy the very theoretical work with a focus on papers rather than code.
2012 Four month paid internship at Vanguard Games (Amsterdam, Netherlands). I worked as a programmer, mainly C# and C++, during the development of Halo: Spartan Assault and Game Gurus. Afterwards I did another two weeks as a vacation job as well.


2014-2016 Master of Science, Applied Informatics (Major Artificial Intelligence), KU Leuven. Graduated Cum Laude with 80% for my thesis.
2013-2014 Physics, KU Leuven, first year only. Passed all my classes but decided not to continue in favor of the applied informatics master course.
2009-2012 DAE: Digital Arts and Entertainment (Major Game Development), Howest Kortrijk. Graduated Cum Laude.

Other Experiences

MyMachine Worked with the MyMachine initiative to create a game for hard-to-handle kids. Along with other students I worked in group to create a game based on inventions made by the children.
ReConnect Imagine Cup 2011, Game for Windows and Games for Windows Phone 7. Finished in half finals.


War Systems A turn-based-strategy game inspired by Advance Wars.
Planetoids An Asteroids inspired game for Android and web, in which rocks are sliced exactly where hit with the laser.
Liquid A water and erosion simulation running on the GPU made with Unity.
Risk of Thrones A huge, 1.2m by 1.6m, Risk board based on the Game of Thrones world.
Pokédex A simple web Pokédex made in Elm, using Pokéapi for all the data.

Main skills

Programming Algorithms Design patterns
Game logic Proper class design
Unity 3D Fast prototyping
C# game logic scripting

Programming Languages

C# 6+ years of experience* Preferred language
Game programming Mainly in Unity
Application development
Java 3+ years of experience* Main language during master studies
Distributed applications RMI, JavaEE, GAE
Basic Android development
C++ 3+ years of experience* Main language during DAE studies
Hasn't seen much use since finishing my bachelor degree
Other Python, Haskell, Elm, Rust, Prolog, C, Javascript, HTML, CSS, ...
* Combined from consultancy at Kapture, university and most of my spare time

Minor skills

Photoshop Texturing (diffuse, specular, glossiness, normal maps)
General photo and image editing
Blender 3D modeling Unwrapping

Once upon a time

3ds Max Optimized low-poly meshes Unwrapping
Sub-D modeling Normalmap baking
Mudbox Hight-poly sculpting Normalmap baking
Direct X Basic 3D pipeline coding
PhysX Implementing physics, including fluids and forcefields

Spoken languages

Dutch (Native), English